Climb Credit helps Canadians rebuild credit and consolidate their debts.

We offer two credit solution products:

Climb Savings Loan

This investment is designed specifically to help clients boost their financial savings while simultaneously rebuilding their credit profile.

With the security of a Climb Savings loan, a client can save for a car, vacation, kid’s fund, or even plan toward s a mortgage. In addition, this investment allows us to send monthly reports to both TransUnion and Equifax as an active installment trade line.

Proposal Protection Loan

Clients enter into a consumer proposal as a plan to pay off their debts. The unfortunate side effect of this is that once they complete their consumer proposal, they still suffer from a low credit score. A key benefit of our Proposal Protection Loan is that we start rebuilding your credit right away. As a result, when you exit the loan, your credit will be in good standing, giving you the ability to access better financial options right away. The other great benefit is your monthly payments are protected by insurance coverage in the event of involuntary job loss,  disability or death.

All payments made to the Proposal Protection Loan are reported to both TransUnion and Equifax as positive trade lines. 

Plus, through the guidance of our partners, we help our clients alleviate the stress of bad credit and high debt loads.

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