Frequently asked questions

How are payments made on ClimbLoans (formerly known as a GIC Savings Loan)?

Payments are debited automatically through a Pre-Authorised Debit from your personal bank account on a monthly basis.

Can I choose the term and payment amount?

Yes. Depending on your affordability, our Credit Consultants will make a suggestion on the best way to maximize your credit rebuilding.

What about my collections items & past debt?

Having debt is stressful, and not being able to get the loan you need to pay it off leaves this weight on your shoulders. A Climb Savings Loan (GIC Savings Loan) will allow you to focus on building your credit now, and worry about paying off your debts with a loan you would be more inclined to get approved for with an increase in your credit and proven positive payment history.

If this is a loan, why don’t I get the money now?

This is a secured savings loan designed to rebuild your credit profile while saving for the future. Upon completion of the loan, the funds are then released to you in full. By participating in this loan, we can then later help you gain access to an unsecured loan with Progressa or Urloan upon successful payments – terms and conditions apply.

If I have any further questions, who can I contact?

Please contact us at 1-844-500-9898 and ask for the Credit Solutions Team or email us at [email protected].